These few lamps doesn’t make a difference. They’re only running a few hours a day …Quote from many cinema owners

That is what we hear very often, but here is the point. Even if the lamps are just running a few hours a day, there are usually not just one or two but a lot. And since the dimming of LED lamps is not quite as simple, many of these lamps are still incandescent! And unlike LED lamps, they are consuming a lot more energy and may also irritate your air conditioner.

In addition to that, manufacturing of incandescent lamps is permitted in the European Union. Well, then you may invested in replacing them by halogen lamps, but their production will also be banned, starting from 2018, and here at the latest, you’ll invest again but this time in LED lamps. So, you’ll pay twice – no, actually, you’ll pay much more than twice since the incandescent and halogen lamps haven’t become more energy efficient during the time. And then, there are these technical conditions in a cinema (dimming and the need to be controllable by automation), which make the use of conventional LED lamps even more complicated. If this time has come, we hear:

I need to quickly convert my theater lighting system to LED. Can you help me?

Most often this will become more expensive than addressing the issue, its costs and the necessary steps to overcome it long before it emerge. To help you, we have developed an online-calculator, which allows you to quickly find out the power consumption of your existing lighting system and potential savings through LED lighting. The default values in the online-calculator illustrate the savings of an average-sized movie theater with 20 x E27 bulbs.

And off you go…